Go!SMS - SMS communicator, mass correspondence

  • Send SMS via mobile connected to PC
  • SMS mass send to a group of recipients
  • Parametrized messages
  • Works with popular phones and GSM modems


Go! SMS allows you to send and receive short text messages from a mobile phone or GSM modem connected to your computer. It has a built-in contact, message templates and the ability to parametrize messages. In practice, this means the possibility of a mass sending SMS with the content tailored to the specific recipient.

Go!SMS can import a list of messages from external file. This allows you to send messages exported from another program!


Go! SMS has two big advantages that distinguish it from other similar products. Firstly, it can work as SMS messaging. Hidden in the system tray will notify you by balloon hint and sound when a new message arrives. Secondly, it lets you create mass mailings from a template. It also has the ability to place parameters in message templates, which at the time of shipment will be replaced by the values​assigned to a specific contact..

Sample apllications of Go!SMS:

  • Transport companies - to communicate with employees (couriers, drivers, etc.) via SMS using the convenient interface and computer keyboard
  • Insurance agencies - informing customers of ending insurance policies
  • Vehicle inspection stations, garages - informing customers of upcoming maintenance
  • SMS chat using GSM modem
  • Reminder of payment arrears
  • sending informations about promotions and special offers
  • Newsletters
  • Wherever you need a quick and cheap exchange of information